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Living Oceans offers a variety of services to our clients. We pride ourselves in being the best service oriented aquarium shop in the area. Whether you need to have your tank regularly serviced, or wish to lease a tank for your business office or waiting room, we are here to serve you.

Below is a list of the services that Living Oceans can provide for you:

Gift Cards

Are you having a problem finding something for that 'Hard-to-buy-for' person?

If they have an aquarium, why not give them the gift of time? Now you can prepay your service visits and buy a gift certificate for aquarium maintenance in the form of a punch-card.

Each 'punch' on the card includes 1 hour of tank servicing and all necessary chemicals for the job. (Parts, Livestock and Media are extra).


Tank Maintenance

Let Living Oceans take the worry and labor out of keeping your aquarium in top condition. Our maintenance service will keep your aquarium at it's peak attractiveness at all times.

You can set up a maintenance schedule that suits you and we will take care of the rest!

Imagine having the luxury of keeping a beautiful aquarium in your home, office or waiting room that is totally labor free for you!

Service and Fees:

Basic service $60.00/hr

Includes cleaning all glass surfaces inside and outside the container, removing plants (if possible), cleaning plastic or silk plants, cleaning bedding medium (gravel), cleaning filter, and cleaning or changing filtration medium as necessary, testing and balancing water (materials & chemicals extra).

Two-week Partial Water Change $60.00/hr

Includes partial servicing of pet(s) container, roughly 10% to 25% of water is removed and replaced with fresh water, filter medium is checked and either replaced or cleaned as necessary, water test & balance (materials & chemicals extra).

Water testing call-outs are for water testing only and are usually included in other services (chemicals extra).

Filter Clean $60.00/hr

Includes cleaning and servicing filtration unit(s) (materials and chemicals extra) (minimum 1 hr charge).

New Aquarium Set-up $60.00/hr

We will come to your home and set up any new or existing aquarium equipment you may have, fill the tank using household water, and condition the water to accept new pets. This can be an extended process that may require several visits to ensure a proper that the proper environment for your pet(s) is achieved. Cycling water usually requires 6 to 9 weeks (materials and chemicals extra).

A-la-Carte Service by quotation

This may involve picking-up and establishing new pets in your habitat, repairing leaks, disassembling equipment & removing pets, administering medications to tanks… etc. If you have something you want done – call and ask if we can do it!

Vacation Service

2Are you thinking of going away on business or on vacation?

Don't trust that the next door neighbor's kid will have enough knowledge to deal with any situation that may arise while you're absent?

Concerned that you may return to a '300-gallon-flood', or a bunch of 'floaters'? Then let us 'tank-sit' while you're away!

Living Oceans will take the worry out of leaving your aquarium for an extended period of time.

Let us take care of your tank while you concentrate on business or pleasure.

Tank Sitting Services $50.00 / day flat rate

'Weekend Warrior' Package $100.00 Saturday & Sunday included

Weekly rate $250.00 (includes 1 maintenance & cleaning session)

All services include feeding your aquatic pets, and water chemistry tests, as well as mail / newspaper pick-up.

Weekly packages include a gravel vacuum, 15% to 20% water change, glass cleaning, filter maintenance and water-treatment chemicals (where necessary), in addition to the above. 'Weekend Warrior' package is available for Holiday long-weekends at no extra cost. (Please call for details and scheduling/availability).

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